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Work and the Workplace

Support for Employees and Employers

Going back to work is a key catalyst in restoring an injured person back to their previous lifestyle. Working with both the client and the employer, our team are able to help break down any barriers that may be preventing employment or re-employment.

Our Workplace Services are: 

  • Workplace Support (conducting assessment and training)
  • Employment Support (working with an existing employer)
  • New Employer Support (finding new employment)

Workplace Support: Assessment & Training

When it comes to an injured party returning to their workplace, it isn’t just themselves that require support; often the employer will need assistance in ensuring that the workplace is a safe environment for the worker.

This may take various forms, such as helping the employer to implement practical solutions in order that the individual may continue in their previous position. At 3d+ we will co-ordinate a back to work schedule and ensure that the employer is brought into the planning to allow them to be notified of any developments and intended timescales that may affect them. 

If the injury was acquired whilst in the workplace, then we can also facilitate an assessment to assist in preventing any further injuries. 

Employment Support: Working with an Existing Employer

An employee returning to work after an injury may benefit from a gradual reintroduction, starting with a few hours a week and building up their hours from there. In this case, it is important to have good communication with the injured party, employer and healthcare providers to ensure a cohesive plan is laid out and that everyone has agreed objectives and expectations.

New Employer Support: Finding New Employment Opportunities

If an injured person is unable to return to their previous employment, they will often need assistance in finding a new role.

Being out of work can be particularly tough on an individual’s confidence; our team understand this and offer a rounded and complete approach to job-seeking support.

For those clients that need it, we also offer an Intensive Job Seeking Programme (IJSP) which is a three-month plan designed to help them prepare for entry or re-entry to employment.

Starting with an initial face-to-face assessment, our case managers supply our clients with structure and guidance, as well as support in overcoming any issues or obstacles that they may be facing as they set about finding employment.