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Telephone Assessment

Where a client’s injuries are believed to be less severe or complicated, then a Telephone Assessment can provide a more appropriate rehabilitation pathway.

With the same bio psychosocial approach used in an INA , our telephone case management team are able to communicate quickly with an individual, typically within 5 days of opening the file, ensuring early contact and providing early assessment and rehabilitation recommendations. 

Telephone Assessments may be more suitable in less complex cases, typically where the injured party is expected to make a recovery in a time frame of 6 months or under. The assessment, coordination and construction of the delivery plan to the client are all handled by phone.

The in-depth Telephone Assessment like the INA is carried out in line with the Rehabilitation Code 2015, establishing SMART goals and developing a rehabilitation plan.  Following approval of the rehabilitation plan we will then typically provide regular rehabilitation update reports every 6 weeks. Rehabilitation typically involves liaising with the injured party, their treatment provider (e.g. GP) and any other parties who may be involved (e.g. employer).

If an employer is involved, and the injury has affected their ability to work, then the case manager can also help to facilitate a back to work plan.

Advantages of Telephone Assessments

  • Identical rigorous process and principles as the INA
  • Shorter assessment period
  • Often quicker to implement an individual’s plan as no travel time is needed
  • Proactive relationship-building with the injured party
  • Detailed rehabilitation goals and costs offered
  • Rapid and consistent access to experienced case managers