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Rehabilitation Case Management

Dedicated Case Managers Ensure a Personal and Professional Service

At 3d+, we know that the rehabilitation journey can be one of the most challenging of a person’s life. 

Regardless of how complex the acquired injuries are, our rehabilitation case managers will draw upon their extensive experience to coordinate different medical opinions, services and networks to formulate a single, cohesive rehabilitation program that is effective and beneficial to the client’s recovery.

A Smarter Rehabilitation Plan

After an initial assessment, which  can  take place on the telephone, at hospital, in the client’s home or at their workplace, a rehabilitation plan is created and put into action following approval.

Having clearly understandable and achievable goals is an important aspect of any recovery plan, so our case managers work towards setting ‘SMART’ objectives, ensuring that they are measurable and effective. This also advises the client of the timeframe required, along with any financial costs, helping them to prepare for the rehabilitation journey in the most effective manner possible.

Continuous Support

No matter how long recovery takes, our case managers are committed to providing in-depth and thorough support throughout the client’s rehabilitation journey.

Our case managers work closely with clients, to ensure that their ‘SMART’ objectives are being utilised, while providing on-going support where needed. Support includes, but is not limited to:

  • Research, recruitment and training of care staff for the individual
  • Coordination of any modifications needed in the home or vehicle
  • Assistance in finding alternative housing and transport options where necessary
  • Researching and purchasing of specialist equipment
  • Communications with the local authority to find and enrol in social and community events and activities
  • Liaison with specialist therapists and experts
  • Assistance in returning to work or finding alternative employment

Why Choose 3d+’s Rehab Case Management Service?

  • We invest heavily in our case managers, clinical governance and supply chain management teams, ensuring we provide the highest standards of quality and service to all of our clients.
  • Unlike many other companies, we offer an integrated, one-stop solution for all your rehabilitation needs, simplifying the process for you and delivering efficiency and speed.
  • We offer an industry-leading quality assurance audit process, which helps to protect your investment in our rehabilitation services and ensures a positive outcome for you and your client.
  • Our system is built around the understanding and integrity of our case managers, who provide impartial and experienced advice above all else.
  • The profiles of all case managers are available for you, ensuring transparency, clarity and confidence.
  • We are ISO27001 certified, ensuring that all data is handled with optimum safety and security.