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Pain Management Coordination

Evaluating Interventions, Costs and Potential Outcomes

Pain management covers a broad spectrum of issues and services, ranging from surgical interventions to self-help programmes and everything in between. As a result, this can often be a complex and confusing area to navigate.

In addition, managing consistent and chronic pain makes it difficult to understand what the path ahead looks like; what interventions may be needed, how much they will cost and what the potential outcomes are likely to be.

Our pain management coordination service helps both our clients and injured parties to understand in a clear and concise manner what the client needs, along with a breakdown of the long-term costs and anticipated outcomes. While other providers may not have a pain management plan integrated into their services, we believe it is a crucial aspect of an injured party’s recovery.

A Bespoke Plan in Simple Terms

Our skilled staff will critically evaluate the influencing factors of each case, highlighting areas that may be beneficial and creating a bespoke pain management plan to suit the individual’s needs. 

Negotiating the often jargon-filled world of pain management coordination can be an added stress for an individual who is suffering from chronic or reoccurring pain, which is why our plans are written and explained in simple terms for your client’s benefit.

Fixed Fee Assessment

Dealing with the uncertainty of how much assessments and treatments will cost is the last thing clients should have to worry about when undergoing a rehabilitation programme. We offer a cost-efficient fixed fee assessment for our pain management service, helping to eliminate confusion and stress. 

Benefits of a Pain Management Coordination Plan

  • Delivery of a concise pain management plan written in simple terms for peace of mind
  • Costs simply outlined to allow for long-term planning
  • A clear timeline for the pain management plan to manage expectations
  • Rapid access to services