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Immediate Needs Assessment (INA)

About Our INA Service 

At 3d+ we are committed to helping those with complex and catastrophic injuries begin a rehabilitation programme as quickly as possible.

How it Works

An INA is a pro-active, bio psychosocial service which is carried out in a face-to-face assessment either at the client’s home, hospital or place of work and typically within 10 days of opening the file. From this, a personalised rehabilitation action plan is created which addresses the individual’s medical, social, domestic and mental health needs.

Our case managers are all employed by 3d+ (no freelance or contractors) and have, on average, over five years’ experience as a case manager. This enables them to challenge and influence care pathways to achieve the best possible client outcomes.

Our INA approach helps to establish a relationship with the client, builds trust and supports the case manager in gathering a detailed understanding of the situation. This then allows the case manager to consider the client's individual requirements and identify how best to proceed with both medical and non-medical treatment.

Liaison with All Parties Involved

Along with establishing a comprehensive rehabilitation plan, the case manager will also work with the client to gain information from their existing treatment providers and any other involved parties. This allows our case managers to produce an effective and cost efficient detailed plan for both short term and long term treatment.

Experienced Case Managers

You can be assured that our experienced case managers are highly specialised across a wide range of injury and disability fields, and are dedicated to offering vital assistance that is both cost-efficient and effective for the all-important goal of rehabilitation.

Getting Individuals Back into Work

Helping an individual to return to the workforce can be a huge catalyst in re-establishing their lifestyle to how it was before their injury. As such, 3d+ is committed to facilitating an injured party’s return to employment.  If the injury has prohibited their ability to continue with their current job, a vocational assessment can be carried out to provide guidance on either a return to work action plan, or for finding new work where possible.

Advantages of Our INA Service

  • Face-to-face assessments ensure that the INA approach offers a more personal and in-depth solution for the injured party.
  • Our experienced and highly trained case managers build trust and understanding with the individual right from the very start of the process.
  • An individual’s short term rehabilitation needs are met as quickly as possible.
  • Longer term goals and objectives are clearly defined at this stage to provide a full and inclusive treatment plan.
  • Liaison with all parties involved helps to ensure that information from all of the treatment providers, in addition to the client’s representative, is taken into careful consideration.

3d rehabilitation work within the real “spirit” of the Rehabilitation Code 2015. Keeping the claimant at the centre of the process, with a focus on maximising their functional recovery and assisting their return to work where appropriate.