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File Reviews / Case Clinics

Assessing How We Can Best Serve an Individual on their Path to Recovery

We sometimes receive queries regarding our service and particularly whether the addition of a rehabilitation programme can help the overall recovery outcome for a particular individual. In order to best answer these queries on a case-by-case basis, we offer File Reviews and Case Clinics that follow this process:

Free of Charge Assessment

Our 3d+ service offers a free File Review, allowing us to conduct an initial assessment without any financial commitment from you.

Bespoke Reviews

We provide a preliminary indication, based on the information provided to us, as to what the likely outcome would be for the individual if we were to implement a rehabilitation programme for them.

This is a highly beneficial service to injured parties that are contemplating their rehabilitation options, or are interested in securing a second opinion before deciding on which provider to choose.

Initial Assessment

After first speaking with our Business Support Team, an Initial Needs Assessment can then be conducted over the phone, or if preferred then a vocational assessment can also be scheduled.

Assistance Provision

Further direction is then provided to the client through a Case Clinic. A Case Clinic is a review of the situation, which can take place in the client’s own offices or premises, in either a group or individual setting. Assistance can also be given via a telephone assessment and advice line.

Successful Referral

Our free File Review and Case Clinic pre-referral process often ends in a successful referral, as the client gains their first insight into the experience, expertise and professionalism provided by our 3d+ team.