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Triage / Assessment

Ensuring the Right Treatment Plan for Each Individual

We know that forming a connection with an injured party as soon as possible after they have sustained an injury is key to both recovery and client satisfaction. That’s why Triage is such an important part of our service.

Our telephone based assessment service allows us to gain immediate contact and form an early relationship with the injured party, allowing legal experts and insurers to proceed with a claim quickly and efficiently.

The Benefits of Triage

Our Triage service can support you in ensuring that your customer's journey is a positive one by: 

  • Establishing trust and building client confidence via early contact 
  • Ensuring that the correct treatment is identified at the start of the process
  • Demonstrating compliance with Pre-Action Protocols and the Rehabilitation Code
  • Raising the quality of client satisfaction as they are dealing with fewer companies and individuals during the rehabilitation process

Get in touch today with to see how the Initial Medical Assessment Triage system can help deliver results for you and your clients.