Our Clinical Framework



Risk Management

We are committed to your clients by ensuring we minimise any risk during our intervention. We work closely with our customers to ensure we are always acting the best interest of their clients.

Quality & Compliance

As part of ExamWorks UK, we are an award-winning business recognised for its robust corporate structure, commitment to information security and, above all, clinical governance.

Evidence-based care

At 3d Rehabilitation, we recognise that it is essential that all clinical care is based on excellent quality evidence from research, which is monitored by our Clinical Manager.

Education, training and CPD

At 3d Rehabilitation, we recognise the importance of ensuring staff have the knowledge and skills needed to do a great job. We ensure that all individuals are provided with training so that the best care can be provided for the injured party.

Injured Party Experience and Involvement

We are committed to providing an excellent client experience. We work with injured parties to understand the experience they have had and use their feedback to allow us to develop and improve our service.

Clinical Audit

We carry out a clinical audit programme that measures and reviews every aspect of service provision including screening, diagnostics, treatment reports, additional therapy requests and appointments. Our goal is to identify improvement, enhance quality and ensure the injured party’s needs are met in the most effective way.